Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung and the fishermen are on the beaches! Now I've nothing against fisherfolk as people, but they do have one or two very antisocial habits - the worst of which is leaving discarded hooks, bits of line and holey nets behind them when they go home. Not only is this bad for the wildlife, but it's horrible for dogs too - a friend's dog died when a discarded fish hook became lodged in her throat, and I always worry when we're on the Start Bay beaches as this is where the fishermen tend to congregate.

But .... Ben took revenge last week - he ambled up to one unlucky fisherman and casually cocked his leg - and a fishing rod on a tripod was liberally sprinkled! Well, how is an innocent young Newfie supposed to know the difference between tripod and rock/tree/other suitable area to cock his leg?

I've been working really hard on new designs for the summer season and the fish above are destined to appear on vintage linen/ticking totes - I think they'll look great. I'm booked to do craft shows at various locations through the summer months and so I need lots of stock. My shelves are always full at this time of year, but hopefully by the last show in October I'll be panicking because I've run out of stock!!
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