Favourite Books

Yes, I am a bookaholic.... simply adore the thrill of a new book ... though sadly the contents don't always match up to the anticipation - but here are some titles that never fail to enthrall, even after many readings ... Oh, and if you want to acquire them for yourself, I've included Amazon links for you.

So evocative of the English countryside through the changing seasons.  My copy of this book is dog-eared and worn, but it never fails to bring me joy, and take me back to my own country childhood.

Another journey through the changing seasons, but this time seen through the eyes of a very talented artist.  I am lucky enough to own two of Jennie's raku animals - she is Devon-based - and her book is beautiful too.

And now for something completely different - this one made me laugh so much my sides really did hurt!!  Took me right back to our own caravanning holidays in the 1960s and 70s. 

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