Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben aged 10 weeks
Ben aged (not quite) two years

Today, as well as St George's Day, a certain young newfie has reached his second birthday! He has been advised that his puppyhood is now officially behind him and he must now behave like a mature and sensible dog. I realised he hadn't been listening when I found myself chasing my slipper (firmly grasped in his slobbery jaws) round and round the garden this morning.

The primrose is the county flower for Devon - there are loads this year!

Whilst running around the garden in pursuit of my slipper I noticed several things. Firstly, that my exposed right sock was becoming increasingly soggy. Secondly, how beautiful the garden is looking at present (weeds and all!) and thirdly, what a wonderful den Ben has made for himself next to the compost bins!

We chased past the old bird bath (three times!)
At the top of the garden by the overgrown fig tree where we sling the hammock in the summer, the hedges are very wide, probably approaching eight foot - and very dense. I noticed a tunnel had appeared at the base and peering inside realised that a beautiful snug hollow had been carefully created by the pressure of a newfie body pressing against the tangle of branches. I realised that it was the handiwork of one particular newfie as there were tufts of black fur on a couple of the twigs and a rather neglected looking stuffed bear with only one eye was lying on the floor. Also, Ben is rather inquisitive and so had carefully crafted a window in one side of the den to enable observation of Nick and Julie's activities in their vegetable garden next door!

Ben's Den

He is also very creative in teasing Amy - a favourite trick being to delay eating a treat until she's consumed her own, then chewing it very slowly in front of her. This is occasionally varied by leaving the delicious item just out of her reach, then pouncing and snatching it away when she makes a move towards it. But she loves him just the same!!

Happy Birthday Ben!
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