Monday, March 1, 2010

History on a shelf ...

So glad the forecast storm missed us here in Devon, but so sorry about the devastation caused in France .. and the Chilean earthquake too - the news is all bad at present it seems. It's at times like this that I retreat indoors to snuggle down safely within my own home. Last night, just before I switched off the bedside lamp my attention was caught by the bright vase of daffodils on the mantlepiece. I then took the time to really look at the items on there and realised that they were part of my history, with so many memories attached to them.....

Here they are from left to right...

Moongazing hare was bought for me by Townie Husband on one of our first trips to Devon. We weren't in the South Hams, but stopped for tea up on Exmoor. I saw this little hare in a gift shop and he went back to buy for me as a surprise present.

Hyacinth embroidery was created by me in February as I loved the bulb I had planted in a teacup so much.

Crown floral china is my most recent purchase. We went to Dartmouth on Saturday afternoon. While husband was watching the rugby I took the opportunity to wander around the town and popped into the little antiques market. I was very taken with the antique hyacinth glasses, but my bulbs are all over now ... and then I spotted this piece of china. Amazingly it is not damaged at all. I think it probably dates back to the 1930s - the green pot seems the right colour for that era. I think the colours are wonderful and it looks great on the mantlepiece. Note to self - must remember to dust it well!

Jar of sea glass or mermaids' tears as these pieces are sometimes called. These memories are too many to count, all mixed up together - our local beaches - hot and crowded in summer, bleak and beautiful in winter, tides in and out, dogs running - Susie, Ben and Amy - Rosie and her boyfriend, paddling in wellies, in bare feet .... too many to count and all stored away in one jar of glass.
Moonphase pewter clock was a treat to myself when I first came here. I spotted it in a little shop in Kingsbridge and one day ..... well, it's important to know whether the tides are spring or neap!!

Dartmouth pottery jug - from Dartmouth of course!! There is so much Dartmouth pottery here, and I love these seagull pieces. In the jug are some early daffodils from Greenjane. She is a local grower who supplies many of our restaurants with beautiful fresh vegetables, flowers and eggs throughout the year. She now supplies our Lunch Club and the cabbages are so fresh they squeak when you cut them!!
Silver plated shell - brought back from a holiday in Cephalonia. That was the year I got prickly heat and all my exposed extremities were covered in itchy red bumps. Not a good look! But the shell is lovely.
Birthday boat! Made by a local potter (who has since retired) for my husband's 50th birthday. He was in denial which is why the boat reads "49+"!

History on a shelf. And Amy is better again! So life is good here in Coombe Leigh.

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