Friday, April 23, 2010

A summer morning ...

Found this account in one of my notebooks when having a bit of a spring clean. Jotted it down a couple of years ago ... tells the story of an early summer's morning here at Coombe Leigh when Ben was still very young and Amy was still fairly active....

Wake early, sunlight streaming through the crack in the bedroom curtains. A light breeze, sounds of birdsong - a bright sparkly morning early in summer. A morning to leap out of bed - no more snuggling under the covers, that's for dark, damp November mornings. Now it's June and the world outside is calling ... come on out and join us.

So I swing my legs round, feet to the floor, and tiptoe across the bedroom. Mustn't wake the dogs yet ... try to get dressed first - but no - Ben has the ears of a bat and he hears the tiny noises I make on my way to the bathroom. A large, black, furry face appears at the top of the stairs, eyes bright with love and anticipation. Downstairs I hear Amy stretch and yawn - the game's afoot and my cover's blown. So I dress as quickly as possible - canvas trousers and cotton shirt - thrust my feet into a pair of well worn sandals, forget to brush my hair - and we're ready to go ....

Downstairs a squirming mass of dog-flesh awaits me. Eyes bright with excitement, pink tongues lolling and tails quivering. I struggle past them to grab their leads from the hook. "OK dogs," I tell them, "we're off!" Immediately excitement turns to frenzy and Ben leaps through the door as soon as it's opened - then in his mischievous way waits for Amy to lumber up the steps, then pounces on her. Having put a stop to his nonsense and helped the old lady up the stairs, I pause to take a deep lungful of the fresh, cool air.

This is, I think, the best part of the day ..... a new beginning, full of potential - let's swim!!

Happy Birthday Ben!

3 years old today

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some stories just have to be told ....

"Hey Mum, look at me! Look! LOOK!!"

"My fur has patterns like yours! Don't I look great? Aren't I handsome!! Look at me Mum! MUM!!"

"The boy's a fool!" thinks Amy

Some stories just have to be told!
And the moral is ... don't let your dog help with the painting.
Amy is doing OK, very lethargic as you can see from the photos, but still enjoying her life albeit at a very slow pace.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Taking a break ...

I won't be here for a little while. This is because just at the moment I can't bring myself to blog about life with newfies. I am expecting very soon to have only one newfie as Amy is very very ill. She won't be with me for very much longer - and yes, that's definite.
She has hemangiosarcoma - a particularly aggressive form of canine cancer with a prognosis of 1 - 2 months. So Ben and I need to come to terms with saying goodbye to her ladyship. I don't know how either of us will manage without her ... Ben in particular has never known life without his "mum." The picture above was taken in his very early days. Even then he had to copy and do exactly as Amy did. We're concentrating on making sure her last few weeks are happy ones and we'll be back later in the year.

See you soon .... and you can still catch me on Bustle and Sew if you're into crafty goodness.....
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