Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ben's Birthday Post

Here I am. My name is Ben Dickson and I am an exceptionally good-looking Newfie as I'm sure you will agree.

Mum said that I could write this post for a special treat as next week I will be one whole year old. Yes, one year and 10 1/2 stone. That's 147 lbs or 64.5 kg. Wow!! I'm all grown up. Bigger than Amy (not that she likes to admit she's just a shortie).

Over the last year there have been a lot of firsts for me and I wanted to show you some of them ... but before we begin, if you visit Middle England Newfs

you'll be able to see some photos of me when I was only a few days old. UNBELIEVABLY small!!

One of my first journeys in the back of the newfie-mobile. Here I am only 3 months old. (There's not so much room now!)

First showing Uncle Richard how to undo his shoe laces!

First trip to the beach with Dad

First time getting wet all over and making like an otter

First game of beach football with the BOYS!! (Look at Amy getting in the way. Trust a girl not to understand the RULES)

First time captain of boat

First water training lesson with Joe

first time WINNING at beach frisbee!!

First time Amy ADMITTED I was as big as her. See how fed up she looks!! Ha!!

First visit from Kelly the grooming lady. She NEARLY CUT MY EAR OFF!!
(note from mum, no she didn't he's just being silly)

First Christmas. Don't I look handsome? Amy thinks she looks best, but I know the truth ..

First time galloping so fast I thought I would FLY!! (Amy isn't even watching)

First time cooking Spot's golden cheese dreams. Watch out all you celebrity chefs. "Canine Cookery with Ben Dickson" has a certain ring to it! I want to do some more cooking, but Amy is back on her diet.

First time trying to EAT the bluebells. Mum said "No! they're for looking at silly." Girls stuff is what I say.

This is not a first time although I hoped it would be. This is me (the tall handsome one) trying to get the best bit of doughnut FOR THE FIRST TIME. But our friend Mike always gives tiny little Amy the nicest bit. Life is soooooo unfair .....

Love from Ben xx

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Milla said...

I didn't think it could happen! Someone who takes even more photos of their newfies than my mother! They're down to just the one, who is 12 and a bit, so the end is in sight, I fear. She's their third, and I think my mother would claim to tell them all apart in the pictures, although I have my doubts. Endless black furry lumpy shapes with little pink bits like slices of ham, called tongues (ducks, quickly, to get out of the way, never mess with a newfie-owner). Welcome to Purplecoo!

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