Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daughter's visit brings chaos!

"Let's have a photoshoot!" said Rosie.... none of my friends at Uni will believe how big the newfies are." So we did.

She invited Ben onto the sofa - this is normally TOTALLY forbidden. He became a little over-excited ....
and tried to sit on Rosie....
had to be restrained ....

..... then became totally hysterical.
Meanwhile Amy sulked as she adores having her photo taken and hates not to be the centre of attention. When sulking turned to petulant barking the photoshoot was cancelled and all canine participants removed for a cooling-off period.

Rosie also wreaked havoc with my little knitted mice! Now I'm not the fastest knitter, but had managed to complete 3 mice ready for the Yuletide Fair at Saltram House next weekend. I'd hoped to take at least half a dozen with me. But Rosie fell in love with them. Above you see Ralph, Alice and Fred. Rosie has now rehomed Ralph into her bag to take back to Bristol, together with a personalised hot water bottle cover, lavender heart, spiral bound DevonBears notebook and assorted sundries.

At least she didn't help herself to a needlebook - my answer to using up all the vintage blanket scraps ...

But she has thought of lots of things she'd like me to make her for Christmas!

Only a month to go!!


Henriette said...

Que c'est joli tout ce qui est fait ici! Bravo!
et le chien et l'enfant dont adorables!
Un bonjour amical de France!

LittleBrownDog said...

How big are those dogs?!?! How on earth much do they weigh?!?!? And how on earth much to they EAT????

Love your knitted mice & not surprised she wanted to take one back with her (Bristol, you say? Must be a clever girl). Best of luck at the craft fair. Next weekend sounds as though it's just the right time - I bet loads will go.

CAMILLA said...

Wow.! those beautiful dogs are sooo big, I love animals though and Daisy Boo does have a tendency to snuggle up on sofa, but she is only small.

I adore your products Ellie, all so lovely. Will PM with order for sweet Hotties, and those Mice....ooh, love knitted Mice.!!

Best of luck for your daughter at Uni, and lots of luck at the Craft Fair, wonderful gifts for Christmas.


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