Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At last the Newfies can stand proud!

Because they've seen snow!! At last they're in touch with their Canadian heritage!! Ben has certainly never seen the white stuff in his life and as a Devon born and bred girl I don't think Amy had up until now either. Last night was cold, clear and crisp. Their outdoor water bowl was frozen over and their breath emerged in clouds of vapour when I took them for their evening walk. But it was clear and still - the stars were bright and there was no wind at all, so we thought that the snow had passed us by ... until we woke this morning to a white white world.

Amy, wild snow-newf of Chillington!

This fluffy stuff wasn't here last night!

Ben makes sure passers-by are OK!

Of course, this is the South Hams and in reality there wasn't much more than a sprinkling of snow. By the time Ben and I set off on our morning walk it was already beginning to disappear.

Inside all is much more springlike with indoor bulbs and haberdashery in beautiful spring pastels. Outside there are masses of snowdrops ....

.. I love the way they appear in the same places each year. I've never been lucky with snowdrops though, they just won't stay in my garden. Primroses - masses; daffodils - overrun; hellebores - too many to count! But snowdrops - I just can't grow them! Here's a simple verse by Mary Vivian that I loved as a child:

I like to think
That, long ago,
There fell to earth
Some flakes of snow
Which loved this cold,
Grey world of ours
So much, they stayed
As snowdrop flowers.
And it will soon be Valentine's Day. Over on my other blog "Bustle & Sew" you can find the tutorial I promised for making heart-shaped brooches from fabric scraps - perfect cost-conscious chic for loved ones this year (having just had an oil delivery I'm currently extremely cost-conscious!).


Elizabethd said...

Snowdrops dont grow here either. I've tried, but had no luck. I'm sure your dogs loved being in the snow!

Pondside said...

I'm so glad that your Newfies can now prance proudly, having had their day in the snow. They're lovely!

muddyboots said...

our dogs love the snow, leaping, snuffling and racing about like lunatics, but we have none. Our snowdrops are poised ready to break into flower and we are waiting with anticipation..

Mrs ElderBerry said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog, another dog lover l see.

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