Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiptoe through the bluebells .....

Last week Ben and I walked through the woods above Mill Bay where there are masses of bluebells in the springtime. I'd been meaning to go there for a little while, but there was always something needed doing, and Amy cries most pitifully if we leave her behind although as an old lady she simply can't manage the more energetic walks these days. But ... the butchers found us a most beautiful bone to console her ladyship, and time was running short if I wanted to see the the woods carpeted in blue this year ... so I hardened my heart, loaded Ben into the newf-mobile (aka my car!) and set off on the short drive.

The narrow Devon lanes are at their most beautiful I think at this time of year - Ragged Robin, Cow Parsley, Lords and Ladies, Pennywort, Toadflax - and of course Bluebells - I love the old-fashioned names for our wild flowers.

Up the hill and into the bluebell woods ..... we were only just in time - although the bluebells were past their best, they were still very beautiful.

Hurry up Mum! Lots more to see!

Down towards the lower path. Last time I walked this way was in February. The slope was a sea of mud and I had to hold onto the fence posts to keep from falling. Now they are invisible behind the new young spring growth.

The views open out as we turn onto the lower path, heading back towards Mill Bay in a circle around the edge of the woods. Opposite is North Sands, South Sands and then Salcombe. Deserted now ... but once the school holidays are here it will be quite otherwise!

Ohhhh Mum, my paws are tired and I'm hot!

Now that's more like it!

Let's swim!

It was lovely to have the beach to ourselves - no young children to worry about. Although Ben adores children, those who aren't used to him can (understandably) find him rather alarming as -10 stone of floppily lolloping newf charges happily towards them.

Then home for a nice cup of tea - and for Ben to tell Amy his adventures of the afternoon!

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