Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A bit of a puzzle....

I've been adding to my (very small) collection of vintage toys lately and was lucky enough to come across these beautiful wooden jigsaws. I'm sure I used to have the rather sophisticated cat when I was a young child, though mine wasn't in nearly such good condition by the time I grew out of it .... I think I might have chewed one of the cat's paws. Anyway, this one is almost as new, and a bargain at 99p!! She looks so beautifully '50's retro ... I wonder if I could incorporate her into a fabric item ... must puzzle over (groan!) how this could be done.
And this one's just crying out for special treatment. It's the most beautiful wooden map of Devon, far too nice too keep shut away in its box. We live right at the bottom of the map, near Start Bay where the yacht is sailing into Dartmouth. I'm not sure why there's a maypole on Cornwall but love Sir Frances Drake up in the top right hand corner. Did you know that Devon is the only county in England to have two coastlines? I didn't until I moved here. But it's true.
Enough pondering and puzzling for now ... I'm off to take Ben on his second walk of the day now it's cooler. He and Amy went swimming in the ley at Beesands this afternoon, but he could do with a bit more exercise and there are sure to be plenty of nice smells and friends to play with up in the woods at this time of the evening. It's tough being a young newf!!

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