Sunday, July 12, 2009

A visit to Bath

Last week Townie Husband said, "I know, let's meet in Bath next weekend." I said, "What a great idea!" So we did. I love Bath, its wonderful honey-coloured architecture, quirky streets and welcoming pubs - the shops are great too of course, and I can get a retail fix not possible down here in deepest Devon.

On Friday I took the dogs to their favourite kennels - on our arrival they were practically begging the owner, a lovely lady called Gillian, to let them inside - then suddenly they were gone - not even a nonchalant wave of the tail as they disappeared - simply gone! So I turned the car around and headed back to a strangely empty home. And next morning caught the train to Bath.

I'm not used to visiting Bath in the summer months - husband of course is a keen supporter of their Rugby team which means our expeditions are generally confined to the season and the town is full of genial supporters quaffing large quantities of ale in a cheerful fashion. On this visit the rugby supporters had been replaced by chattering hoards of foreign students - all perfectly well-behaved, but somewhat overwhelming in their numbers. The gardens looked wonderful ...

and there was a pleasure boat moored alongside the weir. I hadn't realised that the weir was only built in 1972 until I read the sign on the balustrades - somehow it seems as though it must have been there as long as Pultney Bridge - all credit to the designers and engineers - so often architecture from that period is so out of sympathy with its surroundings.

Summer means flowers, and the florists on the Pultney Bridge had a colourful display ...

The hanging baskets outside this chemist's shop were beautiful - check out the fantastic lion and unicorn crest over the door

Here's a closeup ...

And the display of bath bombs in the window at Lush was as colourful as any flower arrangement. I had to make a selection of my favourites to bring home - we don't have Lush in Kingsbridge(!) and although it's possible to order online, it's great to go in for a dose of olefactory wonderfulness!

Then some rest and refreshment was required. The Salamander has always been a favourite and was much less crowded on this visit!

OK, we did spend a while in the pub - but why did I start seeing strange giant hares and a Minotaur? An art installation as it turned out, and from reading both the official and unofficial signs one which has invoked very mixed feelings - I do think that describing it as created from old coat hangers and looking like a shop fitting is a bit cruel, although I'm not sure whether I like them or not. They're only temporary anyway and were certainly creating a lot of interest.

In the end I didn't spend very much - Cath Kidston had a sale and I purchased some lovely fabric remnants which are sure to appear in some of my designs - I loved the racing car fabric which I used in my Vroom Vroom Quilt and was delighted to find it in the sale.

Then home .. and off to collect the Newfies tomorrow - if they want to come home!

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