Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too close to nature

Living in the country you get used to being close to nature ... a newf at the door ...

Sheep and cattle in the fields ...

Swallows in the woodstore ...

(rather messy!)

Even hippos, elephants and piglets on the radiator ...

but I feel that a line has to be drawn somewhere. Last night I felt that very strongly indeed..... during these warm evenings I have formed the habit of leaving the back door open until very late indeed as the newfies love to stretch their over-warm furry bodies on the cool slates of the courtyard.

I was tucked up in bed thoroughly enjoying a very good book when out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement. I looked up .... and a bat fluttered into my bedroom, circled past the curtains, round the lampshade and headed out into the hallway. OK, I thought, maybe he lost his way. Until he returned again for another lap around the room!

Too close to nature indeed I felt as I stood with cold toes by the back door waiting for him to find his way back outside so I could shut him out. Yes, I draw the line at bats in the bedroom - I think I'll close the door earlier tonight!

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Julia said...

Hello there!

I have just had the pleasure of stumbling upon your blog, and Ive spent quite a good while drinking in the gorgeous photographs and reading your stories - it all takes me back, I lived in both Torquay & Exeter a few years ago, so South Devon has a very special place in my heart. I love your textile work too, very beautiful!

Lovely blog, will visit again!

Love Julia xxx

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