Thursday, November 5, 2009

Start Point with Newfs

I could have blogged about the bonfire last night .. our fireworks here in Chillington are famous - and justifiably so, we feel. Amy used to adore fireworks, she'd gaze upwards in wonder and her eyes would sparkle with reflected stars. But now she doesn't see so well, and fireworks have lost their magic for her. So I decided to give her a treat she can still enjoy and this morning took both dogs down to Start Point.

This is a great walk for them both as Ben can bound up and down the cliffs pretending to be a mountain lion, while Amy paces sedately at my side. We were the only people there which was great ... and the dogs couldn't wait to go through the gate.

Before WW2 the narrow road down to the lighthouse didn't exist - it was constructed by US forces to drive their jeeps up and down to the point.

Now it's a great newfie track!

Very moody and atmospheric - the lighthouse just peeping out from behind the jagged rocks. Last night its beam made a dramatic backdrop to our display as it strobed across the sky behind the fireworks field.

Looking back towards Start Bay - a wonderful panorama. I tried to put three photos together, but it didn't really work very well. Just look at the colour of the water!

Ben always knew he was a superstar!! He definitely made the most of this photo opportunity!

Then he tried to continue along the coastal path. But I had to say NO as Amy simply can't manage this walk any more. Another time, Ben.

Ben is making sure Amy's OK. They do love each other!
Then home again. Maybe later we'll go and examine the bonfire and see if it's still smouldering.


Cait O'Connor said...

I used to holiday in Devon when I was a child and remember Start Point, thanks for the photos.

Pixie said...

What a gorgeous view! I envy your seaside cliffs...Lincolnshire is so flat! I just discovered your blog today and LOVE it!Thanks for sharing your world with me and for offering the tutorials. Also, with a granbaby on the way, some of those knitted babies you sell will be coming to live with me in the spring!

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