Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get well soon Amy!

Amy is not well. She has hurt her back and simply lies on her bed whimpering in spite of the vet's best efforts. She reminds me now of the picture I took when I first had her ....

That was 4 years ago .. her coat was such a mess that it had to be clipped very short and she was so unhappy with life - this photo tells the whole story.

But these days she's not in any pain with her crippled legs and is a great favourite in the village, taking a starring role at the village fete with her own stall .. "Guess the weight of the dog." Here she is with a young friend at last year's fete...

Now not even a gentle push of Ben's nose can make her smile. The vet says she will get better with plenty of rest and love. Hmmm.... she did manage to nibble on a little chopped chicken tonight... perhaps she's turned the corner. Get well soon Amy!

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made with love said...

What a beautiful girl, I hope she is feeling better soon. Love to you all
Rachael XX

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