Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy times in the village

We're all so busy at the moment! There seems to be a fete nearly every weekend, caravans have appeared all over the place and our gardens need all our care and attention if they're not to run riot when our backs are turned. Then of course, there are dogs to be walked - and in my case at least two separate walks a day - one very small and gentle one for Amy, who, since her nasty turn at the weekend can now only manage a few hundred yards - and as many vigorous expeditions as he can persuade me to agree to for Ben who is eager to demonstrate to all and sundry that he is young, fit and definitely the most handsome dog in the village (in his opinion!).

I did wonder if it was kind to ask Amy to walk, even such a short distance, but on reflection I think it's better for her ... a little gentle exercise is good, and I'm anxious to keep her mind active, happy and involved... simply sitting on her bed is no sort of life - I think. Anyway, although she missed Stokenham fete last Saturday, it's Chillington's turn this week, and maybe, just maybe she might be fit enough to attend.

Oh .. and the picture at the top ... I've been helping Green Jane out at her Pick your own farm - it's a very responsible role weighing the strawberries and taking the money. And ... she is paying me in fruit and veg - wonderful bliss.


Cait O'Connor said...

Busy times indeed but all lovely summery ones.
I have two dogs and like yours one is fit and active and the other is elderly so I cannot walk them together.
Working on the fruit farm sounds good to me.

Jennifer said...

I come to your blog(s) for inspiration, peace and all things lovely. I'm never disappointed. The photos and discussion of the berries sent me off to the local fruit farm today for fresh raspberries and strawberries and rhubarb. I'll have my work cut out tomorrow as I bake some pies and make some jams. Give Amy and Ben a hug from me please.
Jennifer x

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