Monday, August 2, 2010

Lions of Bath

We had a great time in Bath at the weekend.  As usual the city looked elegant and well-kept.  There was even a gentleman painting the details on the lamp posts in bright and shiny gold paint.  He was explaining to a couple of tourists that he was a volunteer - the council painted the whole post black and he picked out the scrolls and swirls and the city crest. 

We paid a visit to the Salamander - one of our favourite pubs .. and spent quite a lot of time in bookshops (spot Townie Husband above).  And slowly I began to see .. lions!  Yes, quite apart from the usual lions on pillars, posts and memorials, there were multi-coloured lions, each about 3ft tall, all over town.  In the parks, shopping centre, pubs and pavements ... even on scaffolding!!

I only had time to take photos of a few - every one was different and each had his name on a little plaque by his paws.  (I think Dandelion at the bottom left above was one of my favourites - he looked so friendly).   It turned out that they're all part of a public art initiative and you can read all about it here.

Also did some shopping .... will post more on Bustle and Sew later!  Orders to pack first - and poor neglected (ha ha think not) newfies to cuddle.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for taking me vicariously on your trip to Bath! It sounds so wonderful. A little over a year ago I made my first trip to England for my son and daughter in law's wedding. We had hoped to visit Bath, but sadly didn't get there.......that visit. I'm looking forward to future trips to England and reading your accounts and seeing photo of the many beautiful places are just wonderful!

MissesStitches said...

I read this post just a couple weeks ago, right before we took a trip to Britain. We took a daytrip to Bath, and I told my (adult) kids about the lions of Bath. My daughter-in-law had such fun finding as many lions as she could and photographing them. Bath is just such a lovely town. Thoroughly enjoyed being there. I love your blog and was sorry to hear of your recent loss. My sympathies.

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