Saturday, January 26, 2008

Batson Creek

Today has been so mild and spring-like. I loaded the dogs into the newf-mobile and we headed for one of our favourite walks - down to Batson Creek near Salcombe. The old green lane snakes down between high Devon hedgerows and although the hawthorn was still bare, there was plenty of fresh green growth at the foot of the hedges. I spotted tiny wild violets, snowdrops and plenty of fresh young nettles!

The tide was rapidly receding when we reached the creek, revealing plenty of mud for wallowing in newfie-like fashion. Ben was rather concerned as I threw sticks into the water for him - as he swam towards them they were carried away from him on the tide, as if they were trying to escape his sharp white teeth. Still, he's a very strong swimmer and enjoyed the challenge.

Going back up the hill I paused to let Amy rest her legs and heard sky larks for the first time this year, high above the sheep pasture, and a wren chuck-chucked at me from the hedge. They are tiny birds with a huge attitude!

A fellow-walker passed us with three Bassets. They are such comical dogs with their stumpy legs and ears that brush the ground. These were very friendly, though a little wary of Ben who has a tendency to bounce all over his canine friends. Took some photos, then came home to try to make a painting of them...

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