Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rush, rush, hurry, hurry .....

Rush, rush, hurry, hurry ... there just aren't enough hours in the day.

These gales make everyone feel restless and this morning I could see from my window on the main street a steady stream of people moving very quickly one way, blown along faster than they might have liked towards the shop. Returning they were moving much more slowly, leaning forward into the wind, their coats blown out behind them.

Amy had a visit to her physiotherapist this morning - that sounds very grand and serious. David has a practice in Kingsbridge for humans, but treats a select number of canine patients too. Amy is crippled due to an old spinal injury before I adopted her. Normally she gets about quite happily at her own rather slow pace and doesn't suffer a lot of pain. Earlier this week though, when romping with the puppy - and absolutely determined to show him she was still in charge - she managed to twist one of her back legs again and has been hobbling around seeking sympathy wherever she could find it. So it was off to see David, who has a reputation for firm handling of human patients. Amy loves him though and positively purrs (if such a thing is possible!) when he runs his ultrasound machine over her hip.

Then it was lunch club, but we were rather down on numbers this week as many of our very elderly and unsteady members were understandably reluctant to venture out in these gales. This meant everyone had to have seconds which was no hardship at all for any of us!

And home .. for more dog-walking and sewing. I'm going to be doing some craft fairs this summer, at Exeter and some National Trust properties amongst others, so I've got to make lots of stock.... need more hours in the day!

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