Sunday, February 10, 2008

I think I must have the two naughtiest newfies in the whole of Devon. I am seriously considering tying their legs together so they cannot misbehave any more.

We've been having glorious spring weather here and today I decided to take the dogs down to Batson Creek as it's a great place to visit on a falling tide. Loads of shells to collect and mud to wallow in (dogs, not me!) We walked down the old green lane, and saw a Bulfinch there for the first time, high up in a hawthorn tree - my attention was caught by his distinctive song and it took me a while to spot him. Didn't see his mate, though there were a pair of robins busy along the hedge who scolded us vigorously as we passed by.

Down at the creek the tide was falling and there were three swans taking it easy at the water's edge. Then suddenly they spotted two huge bear-like creatures hurtling down the mud slope towards them closely followed by a madly gesticulating human. Luckily the tide was a fair way out and it was about 150 yards to the water's edge which gave the swans plenty of time to evacuate to the centre of the creek. There they sailed serenely considering themselves safely out of reach of the dogs. Ha! Amy and Ben had other ideas - they hurled themselves into the water and began to swim. Of course the swans simply moved out of the way - but the dogs kept going - nearly across the creek and into Salcombe, probably about 400 yds. You could sense the swans' puzzlement - otters? No, too big. Seals? No, too small and not likely in this creek. Bears? Surely there aren't any bears in Devon.

Eventually the dogs gave up and began the long swim back against the tide. I was rather worried as Amy is crippled (she seemed to have forgotten this) and Ben is still very young. Amusingly, the swans then followed them back to shore, seemingly intrigued by the whole affair and showing no signs of fear whatsoever. The dogs finally emerged very wet, smelly and pleased with themselves while the swans cruised away again. As I said at the beginning ... legs tied together should stop their nonsense. But at least they are sleeping now....

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