Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Will you still want me?

Susie - rescued 1992, lived with us until 2006.
Previously beaten, starved and abandoned - much loved by us.

I've just read a posting on the Country Living blog about rescue/adopting dogs and cats. I've always had rescue dogs until now - Amy was adopted, unwanted and injured. But this year I bought - yes bought - Ben as a puppy. Just once I wanted a dog who didn't have a shadow behind his eyes, who had never been ill-treated, starved and abused. I had a tough time with Amy who bit me several times - and boy, did that hurt! That hasn't put me off though, and when I'm next looking I will adopt again. I do worry though that some inexperienced owners don't realise how much baggage a rescue animal brings. There's a wonderful poem called "Will you still want me?" that I think all prospective adopters should read:


Now that I’m home, bathed, settled, and fed
All nicely tucked in my warm, new bed
I’d like to open my baggage
Lest I forget
There is so much to carry…
So much to regret.

Hmm…Yes there it is, right on top
Let’s unpack loneliness, heartache and loss
And there by my leash, hides fear and shame
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave
I still have to unpack my baggage called pain

I loved them, the others, the ones who left me
But I wasn’t good enough – for they didn’t want me.

Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things…
And take me right back?

Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage
To never unpack?
I pray that you do—I’m so tired you see
But I do come with baggage

Makes me cry every time and even more determined to help.

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