Thursday, May 8, 2008

The boy did it!!

Last weekend Ben did something very useful for once. He would probably argue that he is extremely useful around the home - digging holes in the garden for me to put in new plants, making skid marks on the lawn to break up that oh-so boring expanse of green, patiently transporting sand home from the beach in his coat so that our hall resembles the beach - after all that's his favourite place - so let's have it at home too he thinks. Now, he may regard these activities as useful and constructive but in general I disagree.

However ... he has finally done something really good. He participated in the Start Circle of Friends (SCOF) sponsored dog walk to raise money for patient transport services. We are very rural here and many elderly people live a long way from medical services with no transport to get them there. The SCOF volunteers transport these folk to and from their appointments. They give of their time for free, but of course petrol is increasingly expensive and has to be paid for - hence the sponsored walk.

We collected loads of sponsorship money with the slogan "Sponsor or be slobbered!" This worked extremely well and Ben's form was soon overflowing with names and promises of support. Now all he had to do was complete the walk. There was a choice of 2 or 5 miles. Naturally we went for the 2 mile walk.

This is not because we are lazy, but because even though Ben's very big, he is still a baby really at only 12 months old. It's only recently that I've been able to do much walking with him at all as you have to be really careful of Newfie puppies' joints while they're growing so fast. It was a hot day too - so 2 miles it was. AND HE DID IT!! Here is his certificate ...

He was sooo tired at the end, bless him. Cream teas, bowls of water and a variety of dog biscuits were provided for the walkers back at the village hall. Then when we arrived home - he flopped on the cool slates of the rear courtyard. Amy fussed around him for a while (she of course had remained at home on guard - no, not the house - the beautiful juicy bone I gave her to make up for staying behind) then, confident he was OK really, went back to her bone.

And Ben slept for at least 2 hours. Then he was ready for tea!

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