Friday, May 23, 2008

The Photoshoot!!

For days I had been anxiously watching the weather forecast. Sunny or raining? Raining or sunny? What would it be? Fortunately the day designated for the Coombe Leigh DevonBear photoshoot dawned fine and reasonably sunny, although there was a cool breeze. Never mind - we were on!!

Jack, our photographer arrived with his assistant/girlfriend Jen and began to set up the scenes. It was all very exciting and I was amazed at the amount of preparation that goes into what seems - when you see it - to be a very simple shot. Here are Jack and Elona (a victim - sorry friend) who agreed to model for me - setting up the picnic shot.

Meanwhile Amy and Ben appointed themselves as doorkeepers, anxiously watching to see who went in and out, and that no bones, stuffed toys or other canine treasures were being removed from the premises. Ben at least though, had other plans ....

When he saw Elona in the hammock, he felt that modelling was clearly a very simple task and one that could easily be undertaken by an enthusiastic young newfie.

Sadly both he and Amy had to be forcibly removed from the garden when Julie and Elona shot the picnic scene as neither dog would believe that the bags and flasks were actually empty. They were both convinced that cake would somehow miraculously appear - or even better - ham sandwiches!!

Soon it was lunchtime, and Ben took the opportunity to have a quiet word with Jack. Some sort of agreement must have been reached as the following photos appeared in the final batch I received ..

Seems like I don't even have control over my own photoshoot these days!! Trust Ben to have the last word. Seriously though, I'm so pleased with the photos, they really show off the DevonBear products to the best advantage. And all that energetic gardening paid off too, although some of that could be down to Jack's photographic expertise.

Now we're off to the Craft Fairs. Saltram House next weekend and Exeter a couple of weeks later. Still loads to do and not enough hours in the day.


Angel said...

Your dogs are beautiful.
The photoshoot looks to have been a huge success

Love your website too-
Best of luck at the craft fairs

warm wishes

The Lehners in France said...

Gosh I had to click back to find out were I'd come from. I spent so long looking at your photos. I love Newfi's. We have always had setters and retrievers. Funny isn't it they say the retriever is a cross between a Newfi and a setter. I think it's highly probable. Debs x

Nessa said...

Ben is BEAUTIFUL! We've added you to our links list...hope that's okay!

Blossomcottage said...

They really are very beautiful dogs, I watched them for ages at a Country Fair at Sherborne Castle a few years ago when I was supposed to be taking photographs, they were giving a display of their rescue skills, quite fantastic.

lampworkbeader said...

Your dogs are fabulous. So eyecatching that I hardly looked at the rest of your blog.
Best of luck with Devon Bears

Milla said...

good luck with the bears!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

So glad the photo shoot went well. As HS is a photographer I do know just how much work goes into each shoot.

Your dogs are amazing - they look like wonderful gentle giants.

Good luck with the craft fairs . . . from the few that I have done I know that they are usually great fun to do with a good sense of camaraderie amongst fellow sales people, but also they are a lot of hard work.

Inthemud said...

Glad the photoshoot went well, pictures look great.

Love the photo of dog with teddy! As you say trust Ben to get the final word!

I assume you were joking but you'd be very welcome to do photoshoot in my garden but bit of a trek to cme across to Sussex and garden really is a bit wild!
Hope you do well at craft fair

Pipany said...

Hope all goes well at the fair for you Ellie. the photos are wonderful! xx

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