Friday, August 22, 2008

Competition Time!

Hi everyone - I need help! I have a new product for DevonBear Designs which I'm anxious to put on the website, but I have a problem - I can't think of a name for it. It came about originally because of the Babychange Bag .....

Which, as you can see, has a very long handle - to go on shoulder or over buggy handles. Now this is fine, but it left me with a long rounded piece of fabric that was too small for most projects, but too big to waste. Then I realised that the shape was very like that of the bottom of the Amie bag - but probably just a bit narrower....
Here's the Amie Bag so you can see the bottom ..

And I had an idea ... initially just for the nursery. What about making some sort of container to keep things tidy. So, basing the shape on the Amie Bag pattern, but making the interior from 12oz canvas to give strength and some rigidity, I made a pouch shape - then put a large brass eyelet in the back for hanging. (Love all that banging with the hammer - great for working off stress!) And this is what it came out like .....

The new product
And then I thought - but it will stand up too, and why keep it just for the nursery (although it will be good to hang over the end of a cot - maybe with a velcro loop?)

So I made more .....

And then I made one in vintage linen. It looks great hanging next to the Aga piled high with my vintage moulds.

I'm sure other people would find them useful too. And I want to put them on my website, but can't think of a name (got hung up on tidy pocket, which does what it says, but isn't very exciting).

So, as I said at the beginning of this post, I need help. Suggestions for a name for this product would be much appreciated.

And the best one will win a "tidy pocket" by any other name!! Please leave your entry as a comment - the competition will close on 31 August when I'll contact the winner and let everyone else know the name.

Thanks for your help.


Cait O'Connor said...

I don't know why but the Cuddly came to mind or the Huggy Bag. Probably because the bear looked so cosy.
I love all your bags by the way.

lampworkbeader said...

Bits and Bobs Bag?

Pipany said...

Hello Ellie. haven't a name for it but wanted to say what a great design I think it is. What about something with the word sack in it? I have a thing about that word as I love its connotations of soft folds and draping xx

Elizabethd said...

I'd just refer to it as a 'Useful Bag' if it were mine.

Frances said...

Ellie, it really is an excellent design. I bet you could also have a version to keep things handy that you'd need to pop in a car or on the handlebars of a bike in a hurry. (Not just in an emergency, but certainly good to have such items gathered together for such an emergency.)

So...I'd recommend some name with Handy in it.

Best wishes from New York!

Faith said...

Very useful little thing. I will try and come up with a better name but my first suggestion is

'Poppet in'

KittyB said...

Bucket Bag is what I though of.

Withy Brook said...

Hanging Hold-all.
Lovely design.

Wizzard said...

Handy Sack!

Love your stuff


Faith said...

Lots more suggestions:

Slouch Pouch

Knick-Knack Sack





Kiddie-Caddie (for the baby room ones!)





Hang it/Hold-it


That's all I can think of for now!

Fennie said...

These look absolutely gorgeous, Ellie.
Really can't be very helpful with a name though. Twp - perhaps - a handy name with country connections (think rams), easy to pronounce tup (as in up) and standing for Tidy Wall Pocket.
Probably too contrived.

CAMILLA said...

Ah, too late Ellie, just trying to catch up, but just wanted to say love the bag, what a wonderful idea. Hope you get lots and lots of orders.


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