Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of bunting, beer and TWO competition winners!

What a busy weekend! But here's the names of my competition winners. There are going to be two prizes - first for Cait O'Connor as I just loved her suggestion of the Huggy Bag - irresistible! And secondly for Faith for the sheer quantity of wonderful names - some of which will definitely be used for future products. Meanwhile a big fat


to everyone who took the time and trouble to leave suggestions. I'm just sorry I can't give everyone a prize!

Last week was the Dartmouth Regatta and our friends Rory and Elona took the bus with us to Dartmouth to spend Saturday afternoon/evening there. The Red Arrows were scheduled for 5.30 pm and Elona was particularly looking forward to this as she only moved here from Russia last year, so has never seen one of their spectacular shows. The crowd was full of anticipation ...

Pavements and balconies were crowded ..... the men had appropriate nourishment in their paws!

And then ..... the cloud came down.

Sadly no Red Arrows after all. This summer has been dreadful - I've spent more time knocking water off the canvas roof of the gazebo than I have sitting in it. Last night the rain was lashing against the windows - in a way it's almost a relief that it's September now as at least we can stop hoping for good weather. Although the economic doom and gloom news is so awful it feels as though it's going to be a long winter. So I thought we needed cheering up, and have spent the last few days developing DevonBears' answer to the credit crunch. Yes, it's PAPER bunting!!
OK stop laughing and get back on your chairs. It's cheerful, colourful, fun and cheap! What could be better? It will encourage people to have parties and make them smile. Well, I like it anyway.

... and at only £5.50 per pack for 18 flags, I'm sure it will add some cheer to the autum and winter months. I'm going to put it all around the office and workroom to give me a summer feeling inside even when it's cold in the garden.


Pondside said...

That bunting looks looks like the start of a party - in a bag. I've just caught up with some of your late posts - gorgeous stuf!

Faith said...

Oh thank you so much! I'd forgotten about the competition so it was a surprise to see your blog announcement and then find myself a winner! I think paper bunting is a brilliant idea. Must also say I love the mouse/blackberry picture - which I presume you painted? Sweet.

Cait O'Connor said...

Wow, what a surprise, I had forgotten all about this and was very surprised and pleased to see that you chose my name!
I agree the bunting is lovely as is all your work.
Thanks again,

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the bunting, love the newfies!

Pipany said...

What a great idea the bunting is Ellie. I hope you sell basket loads of the stuff and the whole country looks like one big party! xx

CAMILLA said...

Hello Ellie,

I love all your work, and of course adore bears.!

I think the bunting is a wonderful idea,and hope you sell lots.

Congratulations to Cait and Faith on being the winners of competition.


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