Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the mend ...

Update from Chillington Animal Hospital .... her ladyship is on the mend. Amy has indicated that a little white fish poached in milk, possibly some minced steak and some of her favourite doggy choc biscuits would be well received. She has also managed a gentle walk down to the playing field and back.

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Jennifer said...

Ellis, what wonderful news of Amy's improvement. I have three Newfies right now, but I lost my first and beloved Newfie, Lady Isabella, two years ago and I can certainly understand the worry you are going through now for her. When her time comes, you'll know in her eyes. Dear Ben will mourn just as you will. I know. My Gabriel was lost without Bella. In time the happy memories will fill you and bring a smile, but a part of you will always keep close to your heart your beloved Amy.

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