Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

Oh, it's so cold outside. Brilliant sunshine, but the wind is so penetrating, even through the multiple layers of t shirt, jumper, fleece, scarf etc etc that I donned to take the dogs out this morning.

Have been re-reading my rather old and tatty copy of a"The Magic Apple Tree: A Country Year" by Susan Hill - one of my all time favourite books as it reminds me so much of my countryside childhood. Anyway, I found myself in complete agreement with one particular paragraph ...

"They said as I grew older .. I would begin to shift my affections towards spring, when all is looking forward, all is blossoming and greening and sprouting up. But I do not do so. Spring so often promises what in the end it never pays, spring can cheat and lie and disappoint. You can sit at the window and wait for spring many a weary day."

It is so much like that at the moment, last week it felt as though spring had really arrived, but now winter has us in its icy grip again. And to add insult to injury Rosie (gap-year in Australia daughter) emailed me to let me know it's 40 degrees in Melbourne, and far too hot to do anything. I don't want 40, but 14 degrees would be nice!

Happy Easter everyone!

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