Monday, March 31, 2008

A weekend away

Holiday accommodation available in South Devon.
The Barn, Lower France Farm, Stokenham.

Substantial stone built early Victorian barn set in acres of rolling countryside with panoramic views across Start Bay. The barn has been sympathetically converted, retaining many original features, and furnished to a high standard. Front entrance leading to slightly steeper than usual stone steps to sleeping area (bedding supplied) with all usual conveniences. Pretty enclosed gravelled courtyard with shrubs and access gate.

Sleeps up to 12 in single and twin-bedded areas.... ... but you can't stay there if you're reading this! These are the rather wonderful kennels where Amy and Ben spent a couple of nights while I was away in London! After abandoning those poor unloved animals (yeah, right - did you check out the photos of their deluxe accommodation?) I had a great weekend, travelling up to London to meet friends and drink champagne. What could be nicer?

We met in Covent Garden and didn't stray very far at all ... with all the lovely little bars and eateries in that part of town to discover, there was no need to journey further. I have decided though, that some people must live in a different world to me. Late in the evening, feeling rather befuddled, we decided Chinese food would be most enjoyable. We entered a nice-looking restaurant where we were shown to a pleasant enough table and given menus. We looked at the menus, then at each other and, with one accord rose from our seats and slunk from the restaurant.

If I tell you the house wine started at £48 per bottle, rising to £850 for the special reserve, and the sea bass came from Chile and as well as paying for the fish it seemed as though you were expected to fund its travel (first class) to London (why? why? why?) then perhaps you might have decided to leave too. We had a great Lebanese meal later though, and I arrived home on Sunday feeling happy, but decidedly jaded!

It's great going to London, but even better to come home again!!

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