Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tomorrow Kelly is coming ...

Tomorrow Kelly is coming. Kelly is our dog groomer and her arrival is anticipated with some trepidation by my two dishevelled canines. We have been watching Crufts and although it is clear to Ben and Amy that to be sandy, muddy and generally unkempt is a much cooler look for newfies, than to be shiny and well-groomed, I regret to say that I disagree. So Kelly is coming to sort them out.

At this point I hasten to say that I do groom them both, but Amy in particular has an extremely thick and fuzzy coat and grooming her is like painting the Forth Bridge - we start at the nose on Monday and by Saturday, in 20 minute increments, have reached her rather substantial behind. Kelly visits every 3 months, and December was Ben's first session with her. As you will see from the photo, he was not entirely comfortable with the experience!!

We have had brilliant sunshine for most of the day here, with the odd heavy shower, and it's hard to believe that there is a dreadful storm on the way. I spent some time this afternoon dead-heading the hydrangeas. Last summer they were especially beautiful and I still have many dried flowerheads in bowls around the house. They even formed my Christmas wreath on the front door - with the addition of a little gold spray and a big red raffia bow. But the heads in the garden are dry and skeletonised now, and I love taking them off in the spring to reveal the bright fresh growth beneath. Hopefully the predicted gales won't cause too much damage and the sun will return soon to shine upon my beautifully groomed newfies!

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